Friday, October 17, 2008

Your Mother

One of the realest instances of interruption I've heard in a while.

The Death Killers are a band from Peoria that consist of a 13-year-old boy on guitar and his 6-year-old, obscenely precocious sister singing. If you listen closely at the end of this song, "Your Mother is Dead 'cause She Lives in Your Head" you can hear their mother come into the room (likely having heard the vocals from the next room) and tell the girl to go to bed and the boy to put the guitar in its box.

Your Mother is Dead, She Lives in your Head


Some other great songs:

I'll be your Death

Song about Homer Simpson

Account of marriage from a six-year-old genius

"You make my life so very, very mis-er-able"

She hates when kids ask stupid questions

More stupid questions

Before the song, she giggles and whispers 'shut up' to her brother under her breath

Junior John, btw, is the small toilet for training kids out of diapers. This little girl is amazing

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